May 11, 2011

100% LOVE – How much lovable? By MUDRA

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Title:                                            100% LOVE – How much lovable?
LOVE , kondaru define chestharu, kondaru undefinable antaru, inkondaru experience avuthene telusthundantaru, marikondaru “everything is fair in love…” so ade love antaaru!!!
Ila LOVE ane dani paina paluvuriki palu rakaala abhiprayalu, isthaaisthaalu vunnavi, mari Director Sukumar ee LOVE ni ae rakamuga define chestheno/experience avutheno adi 100% ani cheppe prayathnam aa process thagu phalitham emitante…
Indaka anukunnattu … “everything is fair in love …” ani modataga Sukumar nammukuni, thana kathani allukuni manaki cheppe prayatnam chesadanipisthundi… idi nammani vallaki…  mingudupadani vallaki ee cinema oka Stupidity anipisthundi!!!
Having said that, ee 100% Love, ae ae angles lo entha % Loveable & also entha % Ignorable annadi chusthe …
Story: Simplega anipinchina adi assalu simple kaadu, bayata commonga chuse issues ani anipinchina antha common kooda kaadu, infact a wafer-thin line which has a good amount of complexity which can be handled by only few… very few directors.
Hero (Male – Protagonist) di complex nature, attitude problem, Egoist, immaturity, Jealous, admirable, lovable, last but not least Sensible. Ila inni angles lo oka characterni design cheyatam that too oka telugu cinemalo Hero character ki nenu 1st time chusanu. Hats-off to the brains behind!!!
Ilanti oka Hero character vunnapudu malli prathyekamuga Heroine ki konni lakshanalu pettalsina avasaram pedhaga padadu, why because, Action-Reaction type lo Hero – Heroine’s thread ni allukunte saripothundi. Ala allina oka chilipi-allari bava-maradalla vinoothna premakatha ee 100% LOVE.
60% - LOVE
Ee category lo
Story, Dialogues, Direction, Editing, Performances.
Basic storyline / subject / theme / anduloni angles naku baa nachayi. The main one “…” can’t reveal it because it will kill the interest/feel for those who read this & then watch the movie. For those who have already watched the movie… it is “the pre-interval episode & the pre-climax episode (confession scenes)”.
Dialogues are good, infact part of the moviega odigipovatam advantage.
Editing is neat, without disturbing the feel of the film.
Performances are good.
Chaitu, showed improvement and maturity/confidence further. He is good as a goal oriented student, lovable lover and dignified professional, but lacks impact as bridegroom. Though Sukumar has designed  Hero’s  role, which has less scope for dance & action sequences, it is still felt his inadequate skill set which is said as a commercial / mass parameter.
Tamanna, showcased her  talent for the 1st time. Though not great, she has got a good opportunity on the lines of Sridevi, Kajol, Shriya’s earlier characters and she did a decent job with variance from village girl to software professional. One of her career best performance.
30% - LIKE
Ee category lo
Screenplay, Music/Audio, Cam Work.
Screenplay is good, should have been taken care at places. One part here which has become both + & - is songs getting mixed up with the movie, I mean, all most all the major songs are shot with montages. So one can’t get a feel of watching song. Screenplay in 2nd half has some hiccups. MahaLaxmi-Ajith’s track, Scenes involved with grown-up kids & climax at marriage hall is not so convincing.
Music/Audio, is good but definitely not a great one, if the Sukumar-DSP duos track is considered. In a way the genre and the screenplay hasn’t provided much more scope for an everlasting audio. Well, even for the major songs, the built-in screenplay couldn’t highlight the songs adding enough value, as said above. Must mention here is, with this kind of screenplay & montage songs, DSP got a lucky chance of not working much on BGM, as most of the time, he is happy (officially happy) in using the song tunes, bits, rehashes, remixes etc as BGM.
Cam work, though good in parts, not adequate to sketch such a beautiful love story so beautifully on-screen!!!
10% - DisLIKE
Ee category lo
Cutting short the major songs.
CG/DI work, Partly Cam work, Production Values.
For any love story, which is touching a new-angle of love, if supported by good cam work, does wonders on screen. It not only helps in providing good visuals on-screen, in return increases the connectivity factor of the feel of the content of the thought of the director of the film J .
For Ex: Geethanjali, Khushi, Santhosham, 7/G Brundavan Colony, Manasantha Nuvve, Arya, Kaho Na Pyar Hain, .. !
The film lacks the vibrancy in visuals which is seen in Sukumar’s movies till date.
The CG/DI done is the shabbiest in the recent times that too from a movie associated with crazy director, producer names.  Ex Bits: That is Mahalaxmi Song
On the Whole:
This movie works on 80-20 basis.
It has got 80% Lovable, 20% Ignorable content!
Worth watching in Theatres and having a DVD in personal collection too!!!
Tail Piece:
Hero’s introduction & climax [marriage hall] scenes should have been taken good care with re-take/shoots. Saying this because it is evident from both Director & Hero’s past works that they are capable & confident enough in delivering goods atleast w.r.t performance on-screen. But here it gives a feel that the atmosphere is a bit-restricted which hindered the creativity/conviction of Director.
When MahaLaxmi herself 1st proposes Ajith, why the hell it is said/shown as Ajith being waiting for MahaLaxmi’s nod for 3 long years? What happened after final year exams to the biscuit love episode between MahaLaxmi & Ajith, before director sent him abroad? J

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