May 5, 2012

Important Announcement

Recently some people mostly ignorant people have been making allegations against me that i have started a new site called TBO ( , ) and i am the one who runs that site. Let me make it clear once and for all to those ignorant fools, that i have nothing to do with that site and I am not part of it in anyway. If you choose not to believe it live in a world of ignorance, that is your wish. I have my own personal business to to take care of and I have other things happening in my life which ignorant fools dont know about and as a result I couldn't find enough to update my own personal blog which is very close to my heart.

If you think i have made another site to support our hero and degrade others, that is not part of my character as some people who already do such things. I maintain an fans site for Akkineni heroes and now I have reduced my time spent there as well. There are many other people who dont have nothing better in their life to cheer about but to create such baseless rumors and as a result of these baseless allegations some of my close friends have started to grow apart from me.

To all those low life loosers in life i say go get a life and go talk to some friends if you have any and make something better out of your life than just spreading rumors on other people. If you still did not understand after reading all this, my advice is to go seek some medical attention as some sections of your nervous system might not be functioning.

Finally I wrote this in order to mention 2 things. One I do not own any site called TBO, i didnt establish that site and i am not involved in anyway. Second thing I have other things in life to take care off such as my career and due to that I have decided to close my blog down until further notice.