Nov 30, 2008

surya s/o krishnan my review

well movie gurunchi cheppalantey its classic(in my view) movie i saw recently..

oka 2-3 years nundi nenu ee type movie choodaledhu. I sincearly take a bow to mr.gowtham(director) and actor surya for taking up dis project..


surya:I got no enough words to praise him,seems he is our kamal hasan# 2 .for acting this type of movies actor must have a grt courage.surya proved him as best actor in recent time. hope he will continue  to do the same in future.As inter student,engineering student,major and old man he done an excellent job which made me his fan

sameera reddy: got good character and looks better than her previous movies.

Divya :very small role nad no scope for acting.

simran: flashback lo chaala baagundhi nd well suited as mother character nd her makeup is done very well

other departments:

music:Again a splendid job  by one  of my favorite music director haris jayaraj.especially songs like  naalona pongey ,yedhaney koyyakey,nidarey kala ayinadhi are awesome.back ground score is heart touching wen sameera dies nd also wen father character dies.

photograph:songs picturisation is too good and american beauties are well caughten by photographer.

director: i went to this movie only for director as he is well proved in his earlier films ghrashana,chel;i,ragavan.selecting dis type of script with out any mass masala is tough one and made me satisfied.

+ve points:

surya's amazing performance,songs by haris jayaraj, directors taking and relation between father nd son got good applause from class A audience.

-ve points:

slow screenplay,lack of commercials masalas, i love u dady  ani prathi scene ki anadam viewers ki bore kottisthai

my advise:

if u wanna miss one cool class film u can avoid dis movie.

Nov 26, 2008


Yuvatha - My View

SIMPLE GA : first half maamulugaa...
second half twists tho saagina movie...


happy days movie tharuvath thanu chesina 2nd movie idhi... specail gaa cheppukovadaaniki emi ledhu,dialouge delivary, action antha smae as routine comapred with his earlier movie... change chesthey emina life untadhii..

choodadaniki baaney unna hero pakkana akka laa undhi...

vella gurunchi cheppukovadaaniki emi ledhu.. sayaji shindey, jayaprakash reddy as usual ga normal..


oka palleturu nundi vacchina yuvakudu than snhehithula kosam chesey prayathnemay ee movie ki main stroy. frnds kosam manam em cheyyali,frnds viluva enti anedhi ee movie ki key point.

second half lo vacchey twists, movie ki main high lite...,mani sarma songs okati rendu parvaledhu anipinchai, director chaala manchi dilouges raasadu...
eg: iddaru kalisthey pudatham..naluguru mosthey potham alochinchi cheyyataniki idi vyaparam kadu , SNEHAM
-ve points:

1)asusual gaa heroine gaaru hero love lo padey scene... ammayilu intha thelikaga love lo padathara anipinchindhi...
2) hero gaaru jail ki ellinappudu jailor tho scene.. sayaji shinde character,jailer birth day roju song... ila cheppukuntu pothey movie lo chaala unnayi...

overall gaa cheppali antey second half lo vacchey twists kosam movie choodocchu,ee madhya kaalam lo vacchina movies ( avakay biryani etc) polisthey choodochu.. OKASAARI CHOODOCHUU.....


hurray.... ejjams finished....

happy 2 say my 4-1 exams finished....
compared to other sem exams ee sem baaney raasanu...
as i said in my previos post iam starting blogging reugularly from today....

hope u all enjoy my blog...