Nov 29, 2010


MAA KING NAGARJUNA LAtest CINema RAGADA Audio ee roju evening silpakalavedhika lo release Avvabothondhi..aa Updates anni maa SIte lo post chesthunna...

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Jagan Resignation Letter

Orange :: Rooba Rooba Song Lyrics

First time vinnapudu antha ala nacchaledhu... Cinemalo bale nacchindhi.. repeat hearing lo vintunna... Loved dis song :) Click Read More For Lyrics

rooba rooba hey rooba rooba
roopam chusthe hai rabba
thauba thauba hey thauba thauba
thu hai meri mehabooba
ayyayyayyo ye maayo ne venta tharumuthondhe
vunnatundi nannedho voopesthondhe
santhosham lo ee nimisham pitchekinattugundhe
ye rooba roobaa roo

rooba rooba hey rooba rooba
roopam chusthe hai rabba
thauba thauba hey thauba thauba
thu hai meri mehabooba

pitchi dhoorame antunna
ela vundagala mantundhi
ninnu thaakamani thondhara chese naa madhe
konte chethale chesthunna
thanem chesina kaadhanadhe
entha sepu kalisunna aashe theeradhe
o ne aanadam lo sadhaa vundalanundhe
aa maikam lone madhe vooreguthundhe
neetho saage ee payanam
aage naa ika ye nimisham

rooba rooba hey rooba rooba
roopam chusthe hai rabba
thauba thauba thauba hey thauba thauba thauba
thu hai meri mehabooba

rekkalochinattutundhi madhe thelipothunattuntundhi
reyi pagalu matladisthunna chaaladhe
navvu naaku thega nachindhe
nadusthunna kala nachindhe
ninnu veedi ye vaipuki aduge saagadhe
o nuvvemantunnaaa vinalanipusthu vundhe
roju nee voose kalalne panchuthundhe
neetho vunte santhosham
kaadha nithyam naa sontham

rooba rooba hey rooba rooba
roopam chusthe hai rabba
thauba thauba hey thauba thauba
thu hai meri mehabooba
ayyayyayyo ye maayo ne venta tharumuthondhe
vunnatundi nannedho voopesthondhe
santhosham lo ee nimisham pitchekinattugundhe
ye rooba roobaa roo

Andhra Politicians On Face Book

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Surya In Raktha Charitra

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ORANGE – A Half-baked Cake!!! - Analysis by MUDRA

One Of my Close Frnd... Cinema Picchodu.. MUDRA thana Article tho malli mana mundhuku vacchadu... ORANGE cinema pai thana Abhiprayalu thelusukovali ante click Read More

1st things 1st, Ram Charan should be appreciated for choosing this kind of film (read it as soft genre/lighter vein) immediately after Magadheera. The way he transformed himself & efforts kept getting in to the Character of Ram in this movie, coming out of Magadheera shades is laudable. But before going ahead with this Project he should have given a thought on “Is Ram Charan helpful to this movie in any way & is this movie helpful to Ram Charan in any way?”

My opinion is No & No. [Guys … I believe in “Opinions Differ … Impressions Change …”]

Ram Charan is not for this kind of films (read as Love Stories) atleast at this stage of career. It is better if he does some more films where he is good at & also where he can make himself good/better but needs very long time before doing this kind of films (too soft movies – love stories). Am not saying as an actor he should not grow or try variety! I will be the happiest movie lover whenever a hero tries for novelty. But, he should also look for the justification from his side to film, from film’s genre to his career & top of all financial aspects! If he really wanted to go ahead with this kind of film, it should have been made at required / moderate scale & sold at the same level. Seems like it is sold on par with a Mass / Block Buster / Industry Hit range prices. When you have a dream to shape up your career without sticking to one kind of image, why to play with investors (buyers) of your film?

Ram Charan tried his best, but he made no good value add to this ORANGE similarly ORANGE will not add any good value to his career.

Note: Not focussed on Technical Aspects much rather did on "Subject-Narrated Story-Conviction shown-Problem focussed-Conclusion given etc"

Basic Line“Love konthakaalame baavuntundi… time perigina kodhi traffic lo journey la vuntundi… premaloki abadhaalu vochesthayi… so konthakaalam love better ani Hero fix ayipovatam… last lo maari maranattu maratam…” in short “nenu pattina rabbit ki only 3 legs ani vaadhisthu convenientga philosophyni puttinchi janaalamida rudhatam

Love anedi separate element / thing kaadu … feelings , emotions, jealousy, possessiveness, problems, fights, communication gap, sacrifices, forgiving, romance top of all RESPONSIBILITY anni part & parcel of LOVE!!!

Love anedi business kaadu … calculations mida discuss chesukuni … arguments tho decision making cheyalsina avasaramledu.

Story set up in an IDEAL WORLD [almost every character is positive about Love.]

Any Love story on screen till date didn’t win any critical acclaim / commercial pay-offs which is hugely set in an “IDEAL WORLD” … rather audience embraced the love story if set in a possible realistic world … though with cinematic liberties.

One of the problems with ORANGE is, it is purely set in an “IDEAL WORLD” , too much of convenience for story telling might help the director but creates a huge bad gap between the onscreen on goings & viewers mind/heart!!! Here in ORANGE we find the characters as important … & surprisingly none is with a 2nd opinion on love … mean to say against love- marriage.

Hero doesn’t know the difference between LOVE – Infatuation.

Hero never ever cares to know what is a True & Honest Love, but keeps on claiming that “He is the world’s greatest lover”.

Infact except one character [Photographer Sanjay – there is no one who maintains 2 love tracks or does timepass with girls in the name of love.] but hero generalizes & questions all other’s love! He has to 1st understand completely what is Love & how is it interlinked with Life!

It is said hero never lies [if Rooba flashback is ignored.] & speaks always Truth. But in 1 scene he says “cricket, 20-20, test ante kooda padadu” – Hero likes & plays cricket which is told & shown in subsequent scenes. Screenplay mistake?

Heroine’s character designing gives a feel like “Immature or Mentally Retarded also with some Physical disturbances”. [Craving for so-called romance.]

Hero says a philosophy

“na konthakaalam love anedi mana car headlights ni nammukuni journey cheyatam annadi, meru kortukune lifelong love anedi roadmida voche vere vehicle lights ni nammukuni journey cheyatam laantidi”

Now tell me 1thing when you want to go by car from Hyd to BLR during night time, will you check your car headlights & depend upon them or you depend upon other vehicle lighting which comes on road?

Here you are clear about your journey, destination so you will depend upon your car headlights. Right?

Means for a lifetime relationship, journey of life, when you believe your destination (Life) then that love itself is called your true / honest / lifelong love. But hero’s philosophy speaks contradictorily.

What is the sense/point/reason is showing Hero started his so-called love stories right from primary schooling & that too his 1st love as a Teacher?

All the 10 times, hero falls in love at 1st sight itself, at least after breakup with Rooba, there is no reason / justification?

What is the necessity of Australia back drop?

Is Graffiti a crime in Australia? Why is it said so in movie? If yes, then why Hero does the same & loves to do it?

How far is true about Sky Diving shown as Hero doing in movie? If 100% truth, then what is the fight comedy there?

Why is Heroine’s mother shown like, she is forced to live with her husband? But Prabhu, her husband is not shown negative towards her anytime anywhere, why so?

Why Hero’s sister & bro-in-law wanted divorce? [Just because his bro-in-law smokes, hero’s sister wants divorce?]

What is the climax of the movie? Is Heroine OK with break-up when Hero gets exhausted trying to recreate love in their relationship & speaking only truth, when he feels time for break-up?

How come an onscreen love story wins viewer’s mind/heart without giving him a good Feel / Emotion / a chance to connect & identify with the protagonists? Does the movie connects with audience with a feel or right emotion?

As there is no depth in emotion / feel – the audio appeared pale on screen with no heart-touching visuals!

Why in some scenes mixing is improper / poor [especially in Chilipiga song montages … Golf scene between Brahmanandam & Ram Charan], negligence of filmmaking - post production?

Last Before Word:

If not the same point, something similar … a bit close related were earlier seen beautifully effectively handled … request to check the point of so-called ideology differences between protagonists & outside world …

PAVITRABANDHAM – Venky believes something against our tradition later gets convinced and changes.

PREYASI RAAVE – Srikanth gets cheated and acts extremes then sacrifices realizing his negative changes.

SWAYAMVARAM – Venu believes in Love but not in Marriage , fearing that Marriage puts an end to Love, later realizes & changes his mind.

MANMADHUDU – Due to his past bitter experience Nag gets an ideology later get changed slowly convincingly.

MADHUMASAM – Sumanth & Sneha are two contrast characters, one believes in Love & the other only in Marriage.

NEVALLE NEVALLE – Not able to recollect the basic plot, if doesn't fit here, please ignore this.

Must Mention:

I appreciate few telugu film makers trying for novelty & Bhaskar being one of the lot. Planning to make a film on a topic which is known – real – universal fact in a “Love-Life” is good, but highlighting ONLY the question / problem rather than throwing the needful light in search of a suitable solution & leaving the plot in between … without conviction is highly unexpected!

ORANGE – A Half-baked Cake!!!

Why this guy correlates Orange & Cake? What is the connection between Orange & Cake? Should be your immediate chain of questions! Right?

Well, now let the film maker tell us where did he justify the Title & Caption “ORANGE” – Love in Fall.., for this movie?

So can word Cake come in to picture here now? & as the subject is not properly dealt & story is not properly narrated, it is said as “Half-Baked”.

Similarly you can read …

ORANGE – A Rotten Tomato

ORANGE – A Spoilt Dish

ORANGE – A story without a feel & emotion of LOVE!!!

Last Word:

Basic Point ni inkastha Polish chesi screenplay mida re-work chesi …

Allu Arjun tho “Arya3” inka best suit ante “ROMEO” ane title tho Sukumar Handle chesthe result kastha betterga vundedi!

Ledu for a change anukunte already Chaitu YMC tho kastha love story feel emotions ni try cheyagaladu anipinchukunnadu & Sukumar tho kooda work chesthunnadu kabatti , if not Allu Arjun Chaitu tho ayina teyalsindi. [Hero ni batti necessary script changes obviousga jaruguthavi / jaragali.]

Nov 28, 2010

Orange Review

Megapower STar Ram Charan Magadheera Super success tharuvatha oka Love story ORANGE tho mana mundhuku vacchadu ee cinema Ki naa Review Kosam Click Read More..

Basic Theme :: Prema Ekkuva kaalam konasaagithey Prema thaggipoddhi.. first time vinte chirak ga unnatu anipisthahdi.. but ee sentence ki justify chesthu Flashbakc thiyyatam adhi correct ga set avvatam tho are Line bagundhi kada ra anukuntam.. to b frank Intresting Line... Complicated Too... ilanti Complicated line ni handle chese sattha athi koddhi mandhike untadhi.. Sukumar la.. sukumar oo raccha ani anatledhu but targetted audience ni bane convince chestahdu sukumar.. Baskar Ghoram ga fail ayyadu ee vishayam lo... ardhavatham ga thiyyatam lo vifalam ayyadu...

Performance ::
Ram Charan teja :: Janalu feel avutharu ani raayali anukuntunna vishayalu raayatledhu ikkada... Minimum acting kooda raadhu kurrod ki.. Andham unna valle undali ani ledhu.. talent unte elanti vadu ayina negguku ragaladu industry lo.. BUt RCT utterly fails.. simple xpression kooda ivvalekapothunnadu Kurrodu.. Dance lo Nerpu undhi RCT lo unna ekaika +ve point...anthaku minchi em ledhu Kurrod lo.. Megastar Koduku kabatti valla fans moyyalsi vasthahdi Manaki thappadhu... inka entha kaalam ki alavatu padathamo aa devudike theliyali... Btw Costumes bagunnayi Cinema lo.. simple ga.. neat ga, trendy ga.. :)

Genilia :: Torture torture..torture.. Bommarillu lo haasini character padhinthalu chesthe ikkada janu character... over action..arupulu.. makeup.. vammo... edava jeevitham....

Others :: chaala mandhi unnaru.. brahmanandham thappa adhi kooda akkadakkada , andharu cinemaku upayoga padaledhu... vallu act chesaru anthe..

Technical Dept ::
Music ::
simply rocking.. rocking album lo kanna cinema lo inka bagundhi.. Rooba rooba song audio lo nacchalehdu.. Movie lo Kummindhi dances bagunnayi.. simple steps.. baga esadu.. BGM antha khass ledhu.. nthng gr8

Photography :: jerks peddhaga levu.. neat ga bagundhi...

Story , Screenplay, Direction ::
Enchukunna point ni sarigga therakekisthey correct ga set avuddhi.. anthe kaani ardham pardham lekunda... janalni confuse chesthu... edho theesthey ilane untadhi output... em cheppali anukunnado clarity ledhu.. Hero lo maarpu the change ki ardham ledhu.. maarpu chehdakan aa heroine lolli ento ardham edhu... cinema lo emanna nacchindhi undhi ante Rooba flash back.. correct ga teesadu.. point ki correct justification.. malla maamule. bhaarya bharthalu cheetilu raasukunte thappa preminchinattu kaada..?? ala cheeti lu raasthene premisthunnnatu.. kanniru kaarchatam endho aslau cinema.. chass.. Never expected dis type of script from Baskar.. he utterly disappointed me..

+ves ::

-ves ::
pai +ves rendu thappa migatha antha..

ANalysis :: ee year nenu choosina chettha cinemallo idhi okatiga migilipoddhi... Commercial ga ee year lo athi peddha disaster avuddhi...

Nov 27, 2010

RAGADA Track List

Bholo Ashta Lakshmi
Artist(s): Karthik, Geetha Madhuri

Empillo Yappilo
Artist(s): Karthik, Anuradha Sriram

Meesamunna Manmadhuda
Artist(s): Shankar Mahadevan, Rita, Hima Bindhu

Okkadante Okkade
Artist(s): Ramya, Suchitra

Ragada Ragada
Artist(s): Baba Sehgal, Chitra, Rita

Shirisha Shirisha
Artist(s): Hariharan, Srivardhini Dhaman

Mirapakay Trailer

Gonthu kalapdaniki genthuleyyataniki Ready ga undandi :D :)

Raktha Charitra :: Nagendra Haraya Lyrics

nagendra haraya trilochanaya
basmanga ragaya maheswaraya
nithyaya shudhaya digambaraya
tasmai nakaraya namashivaya

ee raktha charithra lo mithrudu sathruvu okkare
idhi saswatha sathyam raktha charithra
ee raktha charithra lo mithruvu sathruvu okkare
idhi saswatha sathyam raktha charithra

vijatha manedhi okkate mukhyamannadhi rakthame
adda dharilo gelichina sare dhandalenidhi rakthame
rana bhoomini maro bhoomiga marchesindhi rakthame

ee raktha charithra lo mithruvu sathruvu okkare
idhi saswatha sathyam raktha charithra
ee raktha charithra lo mithruvu sathruvu okkare
idhi saswatha sathyam raktha charithra

vishwasa gathakammannadhi ikkada mamule ra prathi roju
rendu kotlame ashthramelaga evadela prayogisthaado
kurukshethranne maripinche ee rama ravanula kaastam
rana bhoomini maro bhoomiga marchesindhi ee

ee raktha charithra lo mithruvu sathruvu okkare
idhi saswatha sathyam raktha charithra
ee raktha charithra lo mithruvu sathruvu okkare
idhi saswatha sathyam raktha charithra

will Update All Other songs Very SOon

Nov 26, 2010

Arundhathi + Chandramuki mixing laga undhi

Orange Review By Aditya

Click Read More For Aditya's ORANGE Review


Ramcharan: Till Now this Is the best performance by him,first two filmslo formulaic and commercial hero roles chesina charan indulo different characterisationlo baaga chesadu,chaala sceneslo tana performance tho mappinchadu.Dances steps peddaga ekkuva lekapoina graceni maintain chesadu unnanthalo.

Genelia: Bommarilu characterniu atu itu tippinattu undhi character,startinglo irritate chesina,then after she did her best.

Shajan padamsi Pedda role kaadhu,unnanthalo ok.PRabhu,Sameer ,prakashraj andaru tagina vidhamga natincharu.Brahmi baga navvinchadu inka konni scenes undalsindhi.Others are ok.

Dilaogues: Baagane unnayi,kaani repetitivega anipinchayi,could have been better.

Camera: Good Work,songslo kooda chaala baga undhi.

Editing: 2nd halflo care teesukoni undalsindhi.dragging feel taggedhi.

: 100% output ichadu songs wise harris,vaati picturisation kooda chaala chaala baagudhi,BGM could have been much better.

: Unnavi 3 fights,train fight baagundhi kaani migathavi so so.

Story-Screenplay-Direction: Bhaskar enchukunna story mari kotthademi kaakapoina hero characterisation baagundhi,starting lone hero tanu heroineni lvoe cheyatledhu andamtho start avuthundhi.Hero charater prakshrajki flasback chepapdamtho akdha munduku saaguthundhi.Routine love at first sight to start aina hero characterisation chaal interestingga anipisthundhi.daani valla entertainement baaga pandindhi.Sydney nagaram song baagundhi.alage nenu nuvvantu kooda.ika brahmi comedy kodoa baaga kudirndhi.aithe 1st half last vacche sariki konchem slow avuthundhi.Interval twist em ledhu hero characterisation marklone break vesthadu 1st halfki. 2nd half start aina taruvatha adhe slowness contine avuthundhi,aithe title songki mundhu ade game,aa song taruvatha vacche headlights scene baagunnayi.Ika ala velthu velthu asalu heroki lifelong love meeda enduku nammakam lehdu ane pointi flashbacklo choopisthadu.Flashback chinnadaina enduko drag feel vacchindhi.inka betterga undocchu anipinchindhi.ika pre-climax scenes kooda peddaga akattukovu.

ika ending kocchesariki edho suddenga oodipaddattuga undhi.clarity miss aindhi. Bhasakar enduko sukumar typelo velladu,chaala scenes aray,arya-2 type hero ni gurthuku testayi,hero characterisation tho entertaimentni baagpandhinchina bhaskar,endhuko ending lo aa bigi ni unchalekapoyadu.bommarillu,parugu lanti heart touching scenes okkati kooda levu macchuki,climas timeki kooda aa feelnmi rappinchalekpoyadu.

Charan'S Performance.
Brahmi Comedy
Truth ANd Dare Game scene.
Loveni headlightstho polchuthu cheppe scene.

Okka maatalo cheppalante feel ledhu cinemalo,bommarillu cinematho almost choosina vaallu andaru connect ayayru, parugulo anthalaa kakapoina konni heart touching scene unnayi.
Orangelo adhe missin totally,asalu e scenelo kooda hero kaani heroine character paduthunna badha whatever manam conflict kaamu.

ANalysis :: A centers tho Paatu A center lonu aadadhu

P.S: Atu Hero nunchi itu director nunchi em expect cheyakunda vellevaallu okkasaari choodalugutharu ee cinemani,anthey ika cheppadanikem ledhu.

Orange Live Updates

Orange :: First Day First SHow TALk

1st half OK

Bemmi kaapadadu First Half Lo..

Second half baaga weak.. Sodhi lekka undhi anta....

A centers lo 5 weeks talk... Arya 2 lekka 3 weeks aadi padukuntadhi antunnaru Bomma

B, c lo cmplete Wash Out....

Nov 25, 2010

Nov 24, 2010

Andhra Pradesh New CM

Nalluri Kiran Kumar Reddy....

Congrats Kiran, Young Generation.. :)
paripaalana chakkaga undali ani aasithunna..:) Atb :)

Jai Sonia.. Jai Rahul .. Jai Congress Musali Leaders

Lead position in Bihar Assembly Polls:

* JDU: 110
* BJP: 89
* RJD: 25
* LJP: 7
* Cong: 5
* Left: 1
* Others: 6

Sonia Gandhi moham choosi AP lo congress ki Votes esaru
annaru.... mari idhe Sonia Gandhi Moham Bihar lo vaadipoyindha...??? devil devil

Yuvanetha Rahul Moham Choosi Votes esaru anta AP lo....
Gudiselu, basthi lu thirigina Rahul last time kanna sagam thakkuva

endhuku Vacchayi..??? funny funny

K.kesavarao, v.hanumantha Rao, Venkataswamy, Jana Reddy..rosayya, DS
Come leaders.... bihar vaipu oo look eyyandi.. funny devil devil devil

Orange Pre Release Talk

* A centers lo 5 weeks

* B, c lo mataash antunnaru...

* Songs picturisation baaga vaccahayi antunnaru.....

* Second half biggest disappointment antunnaru...

* At the MAX average Flick avuddhi antunanru....

Nov 23, 2010

Orange Naizam Theaters List

asian films dwaara release...
Ps :: click On the Image to see In Bigger Size

Orange Uttarandhra Theaters

vizag town
12.gajuwaka-mohini 70mm
13.gajuwaka-mohini 35mm
14.gajuwaka-mini mohini
19.chodavaram-sailakshmi a/c

P.S :: Final List Release ki mundhu roooju peedatha

Chaitanya B'day Design By HK Raju

Thnks Bro..:)

Happy Birthday Chaithu

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya , 2 years Back First time manaku Parichayam Ayyadu....

This is My Aim..

This Is My Dream...

This Is My Challenge...

n This Is My responsibility

Oka Akkineni abhimani ga kaadhu maamulu cine goer la.. Cinemalu ante istam unna vyakthi ga aa roje Nannu impress chesadu.. nannu ane kaadhu chaala mandhini... Thana Goal enti...thana venakaala unna valla aasalu enti anevi clear ga thelusu Chaithu Ki...

Cinemalu ante Oka Passion undhi Kurrod lo ani aa modhati roje Ardham ayyindhi naaku...

Josh Cinema tho manaku parichayam ayyi Natudu ga Manchi maarkulu sampadhinchadu... lenghty dilogues, emoional scenes tho first cinema thone Kurrod lo vishayam undhi ani prove chesukunnadu... adhi cmrcial succes kakapoyina Chaithu skills bayata pettayi...

Next YMC , telugu cinemallo ee madhya kaalam lo manam choodani oka andhamaina prema kaavyam... thanu oka star hero kodukuni.. thanaku beebathsam ayina following mass appeal raavali alantivi pakkana petti choose chesukunna wonderfull script... Guts undali.. First cienma fail ayina venakadugu veyyanandhuku.. Cinema vacchindhi entho mandhini aakattukundhi.. Karthick ante Chaithu anipinchukunnaud...Central park lo scenes lo chaithu acting awesome asalu.. smile

ilane manalni Chaithu alarnchali ani.. thana natana tho , thana pravarthana tho andhari mannanlu pondhali ani.. thana life.. chakkaga undlai ani manaspoorthi ga naa YOUNG SAMRAT ( idhi chaithu field loki vatshunnapudu ee tag baguntadhi ani anukunna, but YUVASAMRAT ayyad adhi vere vishayam biggrin ) Chaitanya Puttina rooju subakankshalu... Ilanti enno puttina rooju lanu chaitanya jarupukovali ani .. nindu noorellu aargyam ga undali ani aa devudini manaspoorthi ga koorukunta... smile atb Chai... Love u Loads... thumb

-- Nagfan_kkd ( aka Ashok Raju

Nov 21, 2010

Chaitanya Unseen Still

raccha.. raccher..racchest

Ankitham :: Jai SUMAN BOB

Bulli thera Andhagaadu..apara medhavi SUMAN babu is back with BANG.. athi twaralo mananlni alarinchabothunnadu.. Jai suman BOB jai jai suman BOB

Yemaindhi Ee Vela

Kevalam Mana RAJ request meraku vellanu cinema ki...

Except vennela Kishore comedy cinemalo emi ledhu.. cheppukodhagga hamsam ledhu.. vennela kishore chesina prathi scene navvu theppinchindhi...

Director deal chesina subject ki sarina clarity ledhu.. first half lo hostel gal okaame oka boy frnd lekapothe inkodu Bah Bha antadhi.. second half lo adhe hostel lo adhe room lo oka ammayi boy frnd hand icchadu ani suicide attempt chesthadhi.. endho cinema asalu... SEX thappa emi ledhu...aa internet cafe lu, aa ameerpet roadlu vammo.. Torture overlu loaded naaku..( general ga naaku ee type cinemalu ekkavu... chitram, 7/g kooda :D ) so ee cinema kooda torture lekka anipinchindhi.....

Naa suggesion emanna frnd s tho kaali unte group ga vellandi.. single gaa kaani family tho kaani assalu vellankandi cinema... choodaleru...

P.s :: collections bagunnay cinema ki eluru lo sat varaku continue fulls.. :D