Mar 17, 2010

Upcoming DVDs in Telugu

Naa laa Orginal cds/dvds konevallakosam ee Post....

Arya-2 through Volga Videos (18th March)
Josh through Moserbaer (March 25th)
Namo Venkatesa through Aditya Videos (dat inka fix avvaledhu mostly march end else april first half lo vasthadhi)
Ganesh-just ganesh through Sri Balaji Videos (march end lo vatshahdi..)


Anusha said...

Thanks for the info. Can't wait to see Ganesh as I missed it in theaters

Anonymous said...

when release josh dvd update plz
more dvd this march give me info

Naren said...

anusha give it a miss yaar. it's horrible. truely ganesh is one sick movie.

Naren said...

anusha give it a miss yaaar. ganesh is sick movie.